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Electric Hydraulic Wheelie Bin Lifters

Part No: EW-BLEH
12v battery driven fitted with recharger. Simply plug into single phase 240v to recharge battery. Gives approximately 70 lifts/charge.
$7,415.00 excl GST

Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Lifter 1000Kg

Part No: EW-BL-1000
Category 3 integrated interlock safety system (mechanism fully protected), Electronic sensors ensure doors CANNOT BE OPENED unless cradle is on the ground, Battery charger indicator LED, Control Box access by Authorised Technicians only, Electronic and Manual over-ride to open doors (Auth Techs only), Crane lifting points.
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Manual Wheelie Bin Lifter

Part No: EW-50
Suitable for emptying 240 litre plastic wheelie bins. The bin is wheeled into the Tipper and secured with safety chains.
$3,280.00 excl GST

Manual Wheelie Bin Lifter 65kg

Part No: EW-WBT-65M
The NW-WBT-65M Wheelie Bin Lifter is operated by a heavy duty winch unit that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into dumper bins. This Wheelie Bin Lifter is the ideal unit for anybody who has to lift light weights infrequently. Designed to lift up to 65kg at a time, the manual wheelie bin lifter is perfect for schools, small offices and local councils that dispose of paper waste and are required to empty the wheelie bin a few times a day.
$3,700.00 excl GST $3,350.00 excl GST

Simplicity Plus 150 Binlifter Wheelie Bin Tippers

Part No: EW-SIMPLUS150
The Simplicity Plus 150 is a push button unit that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into dumper bins. The Simplicity Plus 150 is the ideal unit for medium weight and frequent lifts.
$9,900.00 excl GST

Steel Rotator Base for 660 Litre Wheelie Bin Lifter

Part No: EW-WB-660B
Allows emptying of a 660 litre wheelie bin by a forklift with rotator attached. Can be retro fitted to most standard 660L wheelie bins. Securely bolts to a wheelie bin in four locations with supplied wheel bolts.
$260.00 excl GST

UBL Wheelie Bin Lifter 250kg Fully Caged

Part No: EW-UBL-N
The Universal Binlifter enables the user to simply push the bin into the bin carriage, shut the door and use the controls to empty the bin.
$12,999.00 excl GST

Wheelie Bin Lifter Manual Hand Pump (100kg)

Part No: EW-HPM
No electricity - no problems. This hand pump manual wheelie bin lifter with huge 100kg lift capacity will do the job
$5,599.00 excl GST $5,500.00 excl GST