Construction Seats

Grammer Actimo M for Construction 50-130kg Driver Seat

Part No: EW-MSG85-722-F
The seat is easy to set to the user’s weight using a crank at the front. This is essential for optimizing the mechanical suspensions response to vibrations. The seat height can also be set to any of three positions over 60 mm depending on the operator’s size and the kind of work being done.
$2,445.00 excl tax

Grammer Actimo XL for Construction

Part No: EW-MSG95A-722
Equipped with an automatic positioning system and an adjustable shock absorber, the Actimo XL with pneumatic suspension delivers excellent comfort. Automatic weight adjustment eliminates the time-consuming business of setting the seat to the driver’s weight - an important bene t when machines are used by multiple operators.
$3,222.00 excl tax

Grammer Actimo XXL for Construction Fabric

Part No: EW-MSG97AL-722
Thanks to its extra-wide pneumatic suspension, the Actimo XXL is ideal for installing large, heavy multifunction armrests. The low-frequency suspension delivers outstanding comfort, being designed to attenuate the vibrations that typically occur in large construction machines. An automatic positioning system and adjustable shock absorber additionally enhance the experience.
$4,091.00 excl tax

Grammer Maximo M Seat for Materials Handling Fabric

Part No: EW-MSG85-721-F
In order for a seat with mechanical suspension to deliver good comfort, it must be possible to adjust it to the users weight. Here this is done using a convenient setting lever. The adjustment features of the Maximo M set new standards among mechanical-suspension seats. The seat height can also be varied in three steps, thanks to a mechanism with positive stops.
$1,790.00 excl tax

Grammer Maximo XXL Seat for Materials Handling Fabric

Part No: EW-MSG95AL-731-F
In vehicles with a low resonant frequency, seats with a low-frequency suspension maximize comfort by absorbing vertical vibrations and jolts. This prevents bouncing as a result of resonance build-up. The lower the suspensions resonant frequency, the greater the comfort experienced by the driver.
$3,185.00 excl tax

Grammer Seat MSG20 for Forklift 50-130kg Fabric with seat sensor

Part No: EW-MSG20
All MSG 20 seats are optimally designed to attenuate the vibrations to which forklift operators are typically subjected, featuring suspension travel of 60 mm. They are also simple to set to any user weight between 50 and 130 kg with an easy-to-use lever on the backrest, resulting in optimal suspension comfort for every operator. In addition, the seats fore-aft position can be varied by up to 150 mm to provide enough space for every body size and work situation. The narrow version with a cushion width of 410 mm is specially optimized for reach-type forklift trucks.
$769.00 excl tax

Grammer Seat Primo L for Forklift 50-130kg PVC

Part No: EW-MSG75G-521PVC
This seats reduced-travel pneumatic suspension, which runs on a 12 V or 24 V power source, effectively attenuates vibrations in even the tiniest cabs. It can be optimally set to the operators weight using an ergonomically placed pushbutton, aided by an indicator.
$1,955.00 excl tax

Grammer Seat Primo XM for Forklift 45-170kg PVC

Part No: EW-MSG65-521
This models low-constructed mechanical suspension with 80 mm of travel features an easily accessible ratcheting handle for optimal adjustment to the drivers weight. Safe, ergonomic sitting is also ideally enabled by a comfortable, 470-mm-wide seat cushion and mechanical lumbar support.
$1,488.00 excl tax

Suspension Forklift Seat Universal with Seat Belt

Part No: EW-FLS-21
- Retractable seat belt, Adjustable backrest, Seat switch, Document holder
$380.00 excl tax