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Electric Wheelie Bin Tipper 150kg

Part No: NS-WBT-E-1600
150Kg Capacity, Designed for 240 litre, 80 litre, 120 litre, & 140 litre (with external mounted wheels) bins, optional cradles to suit plastic and steel drums, rectangular bins and other containers available.
$6,200.00 excl tax

Manual Wheelie Bin Lifter

Part No: NS-WBT-65M
The NW-WBT-65M Wheelie Bin Lifter is operated by a heavy duty winch unit that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into dumper bins. This Wheelie Bin Lifter is the ideal unit for anybody who has to lift light weights infrequently. Designed to lift up to 65kg at a time, the manual wheelie bin lifter is perfect for schools, small offices and local councils that dispose of paper waste and are required to empty the wheelie bin a few times a day.
$3,700.00 excl tax $3,100.00 excl tax